We fill all our cushions with 100% polyester fiber with the optional outer fabrics as follows:

  1. Spun bonded 38gsm
  2. Spun bonded 75gsm
  3. Poly Cotton 200T

We can also make cushions to any size, shape and fill weight. Below is a list of our standard sizes.

Description Size (cm) Weight (grams)
Cushion 40cm * 40cm 250g
Cushion 45cm * 45cm 350g
Cushion 50cm * 50cm 450g
Cushion 55cm * 55cm 600g
Cushion 60cm * 60cm 750g
Cushion 65cm * 65cm 900g
Floor Cushion 90cm * 90cm 2500g
Floor Cushion 100cm * 100cm 4000g